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Fine Arts represents arts dealing with visual beauty and taste like drawing, dance, ceramics, sculpture and painting. Those who have passion for fine arts appreciate beauty and they focus on putting things across aesthetically. With the present technological world, novel forms or arts like multimedia, filmmaking and digital art have enabled artists to widen their perspective. Career in fine arts not only involves the study and creation of artwork, but also includes business-oriented marketing aspects as well.

Different mediums can be used for communication of feelings, thoughts and ideas and these might include illustration or sculpting, painting and an assortment of materials like computers, clay, plaster, ink and pen, pencils, pastels, acrylics, watercolors.

Courses in Fine Arts:

Art as a course at the university or college level typically begins by focusing on the fundaments of art and most students learn about painting, sculpting, drawing and many other subjects during the first two years of their degree course in fine arts. By the final year of the course, the students are offered with the facility of selecting a concentration to focus in such a way that they can make their career in the selected concentration in the near future. The list of courses that can enable the candidates to choose a career in fine arts is given below:

• Advanced Diploma in Graphic and 3D animation

• Two year Diploma and one year certificate course in computer graphics

• Two year diploma in painting, textile designing and photography

• Three year advanced diploma in Fashion Designing

• One-year international programme in Visual Arts

• Four-year Bachelor of Fine Arts

Job prospects and job openings in the field of fine arts:

Candidates with a degree in Fine Arts can find job placements in organizations working in the following industries:

• Textile

• Film and theatre productions

• Teaching

• Graphic arts

• Publishing industry

• Advertising agencies

When it comes to jobs in fine arts for freshers, they can find placements in the following job positions:

• Design trainer

• Art professionals

• Artists

• Art critic

• Illustrator

• Visualizing professional

• Art teacher in primary schools

Therefore, Professional in fine arts have many avenues open based on their perseverance, personality and talent.

Government jobs in the field of fine arts:

When it comes to government jobs for fine arts graduates, they can work as arts teachers in government educational institutions. Nowadays, most of the schools particularly primary and middle schools have their own drawing teacher, art work teachers, etc… and this is true in the case of government schools as well. Since schools wish to bring about not only educational development, but also overall development of the students, graduates and post graduates in fine arts and its related fields can find job placements here.

Thus, fine arts is a field that not only makes the learner enthusiastic and happy, but also offer them with a wide range of future job prospects not only in private organizations, but in government organizations as well and they can enjoy a lucrative and satisfactory job prospectus.