Are entrepreneurs Obssessed with funding? If yes WHY?


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Sramana mitra explains why :)

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I'm not an entrepreneur.. i want to be one someday.. but i dont think they are obssessed with funding.

They are obsessed with their idea :p


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You obviously need funding to make a business idea work especially if its something that requires a lot of funds. However, funding is not everything. Tech startup recently raised eur3.5m in funds but prior to that they had been operating a lean approach. The company started out as a class project at IE Business School. One of the co-founders said in an interview that this method was because its better to focus on establishing your model as sustainable before focusing on expanding.

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I dont believe that all entrepreneurs are money minded. Why do you, ask? Yes I do agree that the end goal of any entrepreneur is making money but the difference between some of them are how to reach their goal some believe that getting a initial funding by approaching people will make them reach their goal faster but there are few who believe that creating a brand for themselves with or without funding can take them to their goal.
Are you an entrepreneur?

If yes, are you obsessed with funding? No ? Why?

If Yes, why?
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