'Applying thought' a tagline used by which company?


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Q. 'Applying thought' a tagline used by which company?
A. Wipro.
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5 Companies brilliant taglines:​

1) Just Do It:-Nike

2) Think Different:- Apple

3) I'm Lovin' It:- McDonald's

4) Can You Hear Me Now? Good.:-Verizon

5) Because You're Worth It:- L'Oreal

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Applying Thought
New Delhi: Wipro Ltd, India's third biggest software services firm, has redesigned its brand identity, abandoning the iconic rainbow flower logo with the tagline 'Applying Thought'.


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"Applying Thought" is the tagline used by the Indian multinational company Wipro. They are known for their commitment to innovation and application of thoughtful solutions across various industries. Additionally, Wipro has been involved in the "Apply Ehsaas" program, reflecting their dedication to social responsibility.


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Wipro, the Indian multinational company, embraces the tagline 'Applying Thought.' Renowned for its dedication to innovation, Wipro is recognized for deploying thoughtful solutions across diverse industries. Furthermore, Wipro actively participates in the Apply Ehsaas' program, underscoring its commitment to social responsibility.
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