Against reservation in India's top educational institutes


MP Guru

As you may know, a recent amendment to the Constitution of India that has been passed enables the government to reserve quotas for OBCs upto 27% in all educational institutes of India.

We are seeing the first glimpses of this by the HRD ministry asking for reservations upto 49.5% at the IITs, IIMs, AIIMS and all other top institutes of the country that are run by the centre.

In addition, they have asked the state governments to reserve seats in various state-run institutes.

As citizens of India, we need to wake up to this fact and do something before the reservation juggernaut spirals out of control.

To show your opposition to the current move of the government, please sign the online petition at

In addition, you can write directly to the PM at and to the President at .

Please ensure that you do your bit to see to it that this proposal does not go through. Show your discontent using these links and forward this mail to all Indian citizens you know of. The reservations, if enacted, have the ability to affect each and every one of us.