Advertisements do more harm than good


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having widespread advertisement is too good. but yeah the measures, means and quality of advertisements do have impact in good and bad ways... how much ever we feel that advertisements harming society. seeing out the vision of future india, its tuning up the psychology of people by making them educated about n number of things. the things which harming today will make a good generation ahead.
As I listen daily from Sunanda that Quality matters and Quantity doesn't. Same applies for Advertisement, mass publicity would be preferrd only if it contains quality information for potential buyers.The impact that advertisements cause depends on the state of mind of an individual and his past experiences. For instances, young kids will be easily attracted by the false claims made in advertisements.
Yes I think there is too much advertisement as well. You cant turn on your tv without seeing commercials for all fast food restaurants and clothing stores and things like that. And like those adds on the tv about that metal tool that digs holes, and the pasta bowl and stuff like that. Kids are so innocent they take all of that in. Especially with fast food. I have seen that movie super size me about 30 times. Thats a very good example.