1. J

    pqm notes

    :SugarwareZ-145:some useful notes for pqm on muda muri mura
  2. M


    Some useful projects on productivity and quality mgmt..
  3. A

    Need Notes Of PQM Chap:- Suggestions Scheme

    Hi, I need notes of this chapter with total introduction and explanation. If any can help me out that would be highly appreciated.
  4. A

    pqm in hyundai

    here are notes on quality mnanagement in hyundai...
  5. SugahSpice.Gurl

    PQM Project-Work Measurement

    Hey!!... This project was a outcome of an individual effort...:SugarwareZ-299: hehe Anyway, Hope it's of some use...n yeah should be understandable & of great potential to those ... who did have to work on a topic similar to mine.. Any more help wid regards to the mentioned topic, just msg...
  6. sid_rocks

    PQM Project

    Hi Frnds!!! this project is for the PQM sub. v had to visit a dabbha a Udipi restaurant and a upmarket food joint........so v covered a dabeliwala , a Cafe coffee day and Adar udipi..... hope it worth rate...... CHEERS!!!!!!!!!! :SugarwareZ-299:
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    project on intro. 2 tqm & cause & effect diagram
  8. rahul_parab2006


    Here's Powerpoint slides for SYBMS- Sem 4 students............ CHECK OUT........... :SugarwareZ-191:
  9. T

    pqm project

    RAJDEEP PLASTIC CONTAINERS (I) PVT. LTD. Rajdeep Plastic Containers is one of the leading manufacturers of Plastic Blow Moulded HM- HDPE Containers. Rajdeep Plastics specializes in the design and manufacture of containers for the storage and overseas transportation of materials. This company was...
  10. H

    PQM project

    hey this is one of the PQM project which was made by me in the 4th sem
  11. N

    PQM 001

  12. N


    JUST IN TIME PRODUCTION 1. In the new competitive environment as the customer becomes choosy, keeps changing his tastes and demands variety to choose from mass production is inadequate for most of the products. In the days of Henry Ford the cost was the only criteria and customers were happy...
  13. N


    ERGONOMICS – ALSO KNOWN AS HUMAN FACTOR ENGINEERING Ergonomics is a scientific study of human being and his environment. Incompatibility between this is a major cause for low productivity Incompatibility can arise on account of following factors 1. Physical factors : physical fitness required...
  14. U

    pqm project on airline...

    hey guys...this is my pqm project on airline sector (jet airways)..it will b very useful if u doing a project on airline sector as it as very indepth info....
  15. ross18

    PQM in Insurance Sector

    hey there guys, here is a project of PQM in the Insurance sector, hope it is useful to u guys, lemme knw if u like it... take care...
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    hi this is the queastionear for industiryal visit for the subject productivity and quality management
  17. R

    PQM notes

    i need some notes on PQM of BMS. can u give mesome of ur notes on PQM
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    please help me on my project of PQM on microwaves on atleast 3 companies manufacturing it .
  19. R

    pqm project

    hey guys this is a very good pro on iso 9001:2000 certified company.
  20. K

    need a project on P.Q.M

    about an ISO certified company PlZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ help me