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    Hello arthournism > Please type your introductory

    Hello everyone, I am not good at this :hi5: I am Arthur, an aspiring businessman. My hobbies are golf and scuba diving.
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    Hello nikkola > Please type your introductory

    Hello, My name is James Nikola .I hope that I got much data and knowledge of many things and also the information and other kind of the threads mentioned at the forum.
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    Hello raji96 > Please type your introductory

    Hii... I am Raji. I am new to this forum. I am happy to be a part of this forum.
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    Hello Gsain123 > Please type your introductory

    Hello Everyone I am Garima from India I have done MBA from Delhi University in Finance. Recently working as Finance manager. My hobby is playing basketboll.
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    Hello to everyone

    Hello all, I am Julyjohn. I am at Chennai. Hope you all fine.
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    Hello Tasper > Please type your introductory

    Dear Tasper Please give an elaborate introduction about yourself. My nam is Tasveer Parthab, I'm 22 years old currently a student. I enjoy playing the piano as well as producing music. YOUR FULL NAME ? Tasveer Parthab Your Educational background ? Bcom finance/economics/ supply chain City...
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    Hello AVendetta > Please type your introductory

    Hello Everyone good to see you all in this website!!!
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    Hello :)

    Hi Everyone My name is Avinash, I'm currently pursuing MBA from Osmania University, Hyderabad I want to start my own airlines or become the CEO of one some day. I like reading Sci-fi and playing tennis
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    Hello dlesman > Please type your introductory

    Dako Lesman Systems Engineering Arizona
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    Hello basketstan > Please type your introductory

    Hey everyone, My name is Stan and I am currently going for my masters in management. I am actually mainly typing this so I can download attachments :)
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    Hello TomMoore > Please type your introductory

    Hello Everyone! I am new in this community. I would really like to share my views here about tours and travelling .
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    Introductory Promotion Rate Definition

    Hi everybody. I have to learn about Introductory Promotion Rate Definition. I have searched the web and found some information on this topic that I will be sharing here soon. In the meanwhile, can any of you tell me more about what I should read up on Introductory Promotion Rate Definition...
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    Hello vaidhegipatel > Please type your introductory

    Dear vaidhegipatel Allow me to introduced myself: I am a music lover. I never miss a new release of any Bollywood movie and a die heart fan of Chinese dishes. I like to brainstorm on weekends with my friends on digital marketing. I work as social media manager at India Based IT company, and...
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    Hello KolTas > Please type your introductory

    Hello everyone, as you can see my nickname is: KolTas and i am brand new member here in this forum, so i will shortly introduce my self to you! My full name is: Mario Roubles I studied in Lithuania - Animation making. I am from Telšiai - Lithuania. I love basketball, tricking, making...
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    Hello Abner007 > Please type your introductory

    Hi Guys, I am a new member of the forum and excited to be a part of this forum as found great threads with helpful posts and useful stuff before registering here. I will try to be active to learn more from here for my new ride, Hope to be greeted!
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    Hello gauravsinghh12 > Please type your introductory

    My name is Gaurav Singh. I form Delhi. I am here to communicate with forum community
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    Hello anurag525 > Please type your introductory

    Dear anurag525 Hello everyone, :wave: Nice meeting you all! Please give an elaborate introduction about yourself. My name is Anurag Pandey. I am from Nainital, Uttarakhand. I have done my bachelors in Agricultural Engineering from G.B.Pant University, Pantnagar and am currently pursuing masters...
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    Hello Everyone...

    I am new to this forum. I have done my MBA. I like management science discussion very much. There are many interesting and knowledge able discussion threads in this forum. The forum community have knowledge and sense about the discussion topics. I am impressed and join the community.
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    Hello harrey.martin > Please type your introductory

    Hello All, I am Harrey Martin You can call me Harrey only ;) From Delhi, India I love to share information which I found helpful to me.. :SugarwareZ-090: Have a good day :SugarwareZ-219: Thanks Harrey Martin
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    JPK from SRM

    Dear jpk005 i am prashanth kumar doing my final year mba YOUR FULL NAME ? prashanth kumar Your Educational background ? mba, City Name ? chennai Your MBA institute ? srmuniversity Company Name you currently work with ? (if any) Your Hobbies ? Any others things you'd like to...