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    Learn about the GST Bill and its IMPACT ON VARIOUS SECTORS. 1) BANKS - Current service tax 15% now after GST 18% Negative. 2) CONSUMER STAPLES current tax rate 22% now after GST it's 18% . Positive for - Asian paints,Dabur,HUL,EMAMI NEGATIVE for ITC & UNITED BEVERIES. 3) CONSUMER...
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    Impact of Globalisation on Human Resource

    I want info as mentioned below ... Info of Hindustan Unilever - HRD only 3. Impact of globalization on company’s overall business strategy and HR strategy. -explain what is globalization business and HR strategies and how globalization can affect the business strategy of company and in turn...
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    Impact of Chinese Dumping on world markets

    What's the Impact of Chinese Dumping on world markets ? What are you views? How will this affect short term and long term investors in India? :SugarwareZ-030:
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    Please help! Survey For my MBA Project on Impact of DIGITIZATION on Marketing.

    :help::help::help: Here is a funfilled survey for my MBA Final year project on Impact of DIGITIZATION on Marketing in Business. Plz plz Plz fill it and share and rest assured no data will be used in anyways.:help: :help: :help: Also will share Results soon. here is google form link...
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    100 Marks Project on Impact of Euro Zone Crisis

    Hello, I need a 100 marks project for Impact Of Euro Zone Crisis at the earliest. I will be grateful if somebody can provide me the same. Thank You
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    What is Environmental Impact?

    Looking for an Information on Environmental Impact Assessment Process in India.
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    Hunting for Impact and Challenges of FDI: Indian retail

    Finding Project on Impact and Challenges of FDI: Indian retail
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    Anyone have Impact of Social Media Marketing?

    Hey guys. I am looking for Impact of Social Media Marketing. For my Presentation can anyone Help me?
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    US Debt Crisis - really has an impact on world market?

    Hi guys, If there is a debt crisis in US, it would result in global economic collapse and recession could turn worse. The US economy has been using and borrowing for a long period of time. The rest of the world is dependent upon the US consumers as a source of global demand.US being the world’s...
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    Impact of Globalization.

    Hi guys, Globalization has many meanings depending on the context and on the person who is talking about. Though the precise definition of globalization is still unavailable a few definitions are worth viewing, Guy Brainbant: says that the process of globalization not only includes opening up...
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    The impact of Internet on India.

    Hi guys, Internet has become a very important part in the life of Indians. We can see that more or less most of the Indians are dependent on internet. In other words we can say that internet has changed our life. Please share your views…
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    The impact of economic reforms has been that rich people....

    Hello everyone, Nowadays we can see the impact of economic reforms that rich are becoming richer whereas the poor are becoming poor. This is a very bad signal for the economy of any country. Please share your views…
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    Depreciation of Indian Rupee has only negative impact on the economy

    Hi guys, Due to European financial crisis the value of Rupee has been depreciated which has resulted in an increase in the value of dollar. Thus, affecting the economy. The demand of dollar has increased in contrast to that of Rupee and has startled our economy. It has resulted in the...
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    Impact of mHealth

    What is the impact of mHealth on Quality and Patient Care
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    Orgazational Culture and Climate impact on Training

    Can anybody frame or give notes to above topic? Please help.
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    The Impact of the Economic Downturn on the Renewables Sector

    The Impact of the Economic Downturn on the Renewable s Sector
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    The impact of MTV on our psyche

    MTV has revolutionized and affected the whole world through its negative influence on society and culture. Now what do you feel how it is effecting your psyche. In my view not only the violence is a major issue, but sexual content and foul language is a part of MTV's shows ,which affects the...
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    impact of global recession on india

    impact of global recession on india.........................