1. T

    Have you Heard about MeraCRM ?

    Hello, There are lot's of CRM in the Market. Some are for Small business or some are for large Enterprise. After that, I have used MeraCRM for my business. I think this CRM is best for small and medium sized businesses. I need all the users suggestion. Thanks
  2. P

    How to get heard among your people?

    You must have attended one of those glamorous film premiers where your favorite stars were present, busy promoting their film and posing for pictures for the paparazzi. Or at least heard about the happening of such a party in one of those five star hotels in your city! How do you get to know...
  3. W


    This is a new game, guys. Every answer fetches a point to the candidate who answered. Each member is allowed to post only one question per post. Candidate should answer and then post their question in the same post. Only one try available, no passing the question. NO NEGATIVE MARKINGS. The one...
  4. V

    Have you heard about eCat exam??

    Hi all, Has any one heard about eCAT INDIA???. It is a National level entrance test.It is the first 365 days online exam portal for MBA,PGPM... The scores are valid for 1 year. Doesnt it sound to be interesting!!!
  5. I

    Best joke ever heard

    Santa ki amma mar gayi. ek admi bola amma hame b le jati. Kuch log aur bole amma hame bhi le jati. Santa: kamino chup ho jao amma kya Tata Sumo kar ke gayi hai
  6. S

    Have you heard the buzz around?

    Do you know the electricity we use at home is the main source of global warming? I even heard somebody say on TV that if we don't change our lifestyle; we will reach a point of no return. That’s scary man.:SugarwareZ-017:
  7. C

    Has any one heard about Quantum Mind Power??

    Recently, a friend of mine told me about Quantum Mind Power. I found it interesting and have researched it a bit and found many interesting facts. For example, I discovered that it’s really a way which can transform the whole process of how we perceive things and therefore experience...
  8. D

    Quiz program--Oh!!!I have heard it a decade back

    Now-a-days,I don't any Quiz program in any of the channels.It is always good to watch the BQC and Mastermind in BBC.Reality shows are saying that they are trying to increase the GK of the students but I have not even seen the traces of it happening.Where are the quiz programs?It is a very good...
  9. M

    Ky. is gorgeous: We heard it first on CNN

    Ky. is gorgeous: We heard it first on CNN ... I go with it." So what do you do if you start a new MBA program, but not enough people apply? You turn to the old media, of course. ... More...
  10. U

    Why does a woman have to strip in public for her complaint to be heard?

    Police took action on Pooja Chauhan's dowry complaint against her husband and in-laws only after she striped down to her under garments and marched on the streets of Rajkot. Isn't it a slap on the face of society that a woman has to strip in public to demand justice?
  11. vengabeats

    Richest people you're never heard of

    Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are old news. Every day it seems they're making headlines, either for their efforts to make money or their efforts to give it away. The two richest men in the world, who have a combined net worth of $92 billion, have managed to win over the American public with...
  12. bhavin_3

    Virtual land (Heard Abt It)

    Virtual Land, Real Money Second Life is an online world where a savvy avatar can make a bundle. Its best known "land" developer explains how Anshe Chung is the online identity for a Chinese-born language teacher living near Frankfurt, Germany. She's the best-known executive in Second Life, an...