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    Survey on the walking habits of urban indians

    Hello there! We are conducting a survey of walking habits of those of us living in urban areas and cities. The idea is to understand how people approach fitness in India. Going to the gym is one option but its a very small percentage. And even those who do, frequency is really an issue. So, we...
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    10 Work Habits That Could Get You Fired

    10 Work Habits That Could Get You Fired :SugarwareZ-154: Hello my dear employee friends, you might figure that if you do good work, you don’t need to worry about being fired. Think again—there are some habits that can endanger even the best employee’s job. Here are 10 of...
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    Are Credit Cards Spoiling Our Habits?

    Hello everyone, Credit card gives you power to purchase almost anything, even those items which are not in your budget, thus an individual ends up paying more price for the item. Credit cards encourage a shopaholic in us and if not controlled at right time one can end up in It ceases the...
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    Hi guys, Many students face the promblem to develope their study habits. there are many obstacles to develop the study habits but laziness ranked on nimber 1.wasting tme and lack of concertation also effects your skills. By elemenate these obstacles students can study well.
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    Habits have a power to destroy

    Habits are one sort of behavior that are repeated regularly and they even tend to occur sub consciously. Habits are formed, not at one stroke, but sensibly and gradually. Sometimes, habits may even destroy you. You may take an example, There are lots of people who are indulged in smoking...
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    Current Media usage habits of the Indian audiences

    Current Media usage habits of the Indian audiences TV, print and cinema have penetrated the most. Internet in the media terms is expected to make an impact and show its true caliber, but is yet not taken as a serious medium. Does that mean that Internet is not an effective tool for reaching...
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    Consumer Habits And Practices for chocolates

    Consumer Habits And Practices Chocolates are consumed as indulgence and not as snack food, as prevalent in western countries. Almost 75% chocolates and 90% confectionery are impulse purchases. Chocolates are bought predominantly by adults and gifted to children. Direct consumption by adults...
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    Habits of Successfull People

    Examining the life of successful people can very rarely be unbiased. You either tend to focus too much on their monetary aspects or the so called notorious activities that they undertake to become successful. But a careful and closer look (note I am not talking about those who are rich through...
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    20 habits that hold us back

    Hi There, I found this presentation in one of the site which i felt is worth sharing.
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    7 habits of highly effective people

    hi i am sending notes on ethics in management
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    7 Habits Of Highly Effective People

    Here's the notes: Hope it is helpful.. Kindly download the following attachment --
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    27 Habits Of Highly Effective Executives

    27 Habits Of Highly Effective Executives........Health Tips 1. How to fight aging Did you know that just walking for 30 minutes, 3 or 4 times a week is enough to combat aging? According to researchers at the University of California, one of the principle causes of deterioration of the human...
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    1. No Breakfast People who do not take breakfast are going to have a lower blood sugar level. This leads to an insufficient supply of nutrients to the brain causing brain degeneration. 2. Overeating It causes hardening of the brain arteries, leading to a decrease in mental power. 3...
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    book review 7 habits

    a ppt available for book review on 7 habits
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    8 Habits of Successful Wealth Builders

    8 Habits of Successful Wealth Builders { Source- Book Reveiw of Michael Masteron in his book Automatic Wealth } There are 8 common habits found in successful wealth builders:They 1.) Work hard.( Makes sense. Working hard at your career or business should grow your income. The author mentions...
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    Smoking habits of Students & Non-Harmful Cigaratte

    Just Try to evaluate my small attempt...................
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    Four food habits to avoid at work

    Your days are packed with schedules and lunch meetings. Sometimes you wish you ate one square meal that would not make you feel guilty, especially when you know you haven't eaten right. But most of the time, do we have a choice? The fact is, we have, only if we control our urge to binge...
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    The 5 Habits of Effective Executives

    The role of an executive is highly demanding. When you are further down the hierarchy it can seem like life as an executive is all about visioning, leading and lunches. Yet in truth the best executives are highly effective. If you are already an executive are you already employing the 5 habits...
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    5 food habits to kickstart your day...

    Rushing for work and no time to have a sandwich and a fruit? Slam on the brakes, take a U-turn and return to the kitchen! It may not be one of the wisest decisions to skip meals, particularly breakfast. Given our hectic lifestyles and workdays that can last anywhere from 9 to 12 hours, the best...