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    Looking for Interview question for BPO

    Searching for the Interview question for BPO.
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    BPO in INDIA

    Hi guys, Business Process Outsourcing is one the most booming industries in India. When a company “contracts” another company of some roles and responsibilities of a certain business function, it is termed as outsourcing. The responsibilities can either be back office like HR and Finance or...
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    Hero BPO

    Your dream job awaits you at Hero BPO! Be a Trailblazer Business Development, Chief Quality Marshal or a Super Intern. To apply, visit www[dot]facebook[dot]com/SandeepSoni[dot]HeroBPO
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    Is a BPO career the only resort left for BE students?

    Students who are completed Engineering usually end up working in BPOs and Call Centers. I have friends who have taken up work in a BPO concern as the donations that they need to pay to consultants to take up an engineering job is high and the salary paid by the companies are way beyond less and...
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    Which company is India's largest BPO company?

    Genpact. Started its operation in 1997.
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    What are the skills required for getting in to a BPO

    What are the skills required for getting in to a BPO? Skills required to get in to a BPO can vary from just having good communication and analytics skills, OL/ALs to MBA's & PhDs. The skills requirement varies significantly from company to company based on what business process they provide...
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    List of Companies in BPO Sector

    List of Companies in BPO Sector Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is one of emerging new industries in India. Multiple international stake holders have invested in India. Even though there is huge competition from companies in Vietnam and Phillipines, the BPO industry is progressing at a...
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    BPO Job Profiles in Pune

    BPO Job Profiles in Pune Some of the job profiles in Pune are; BPO agent BPO executives Customer care specialists BPO fresher jobs Trainee/Management Trainee BPO jobs BPO training Technical support executive Medical Transcription Jobs Data Conversion Jobs Data Processing Data Entry...
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    BPO Industry

    Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is one of the fastest growing segments of the Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES) industry in India. Business Process Outsourcing refers to the delegation of one or more IT-intensive business processes to an external provider that in turn owns...
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    Check out the Jobs in BPO Sector

    BPO Sector Jobs The type of jobs available normally are Account Manager Admin Executive Business Development Manager Customer Care Executive Manager Executive Manager Help desk Operator HR Recruiter Payroll Executive Phone Banking Officer Process Executives - Finance & Accounting...
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    Online Medical Form Filling

    Basic Details:- Work Nature: Online Data Entry On Portal Input Type: PDF/TIFF/JPG/GIF TAT: 20 days QC Report: 10 days after TAT Work Load: 5000 forms per System. Refund Terms: 100% of Registration fees is refundable
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    Project on project management in BPO

    uploading a proj on proj mgmt...............................
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    UK committee to study the gains garnered by moving BPO work to India

    A committee has been set up the department of trade in the UK, to study the gains through BPO in India . The panel would decide whether or not BPO in India was successful and also whether or not the job losses due t o BPO jobs to India, were worth it. The study will have tremendous impact on...
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    BPO in India to flourish

    BPO in India is going to be a high growth area for many multinationals, including Wilco, which recently opened its BPO center in India. Wilco is a UK based financial services transaction processing systems and enterprise application integration provider. They have chosen Hyderabad as their...
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    Now Indian BPO companies go hi-fi

    A BPO company in India has stopped looking for staff in India. It has gone for mass recruitment abroad. This Indian BPO company is making large-scale recruitment of foreign nationals -- from countries like Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Malaysia -- for a high-end financial services...
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    Long-term benefits of BPO

    Although the advantages of BPO may not seem obvious in the short-run, due to the initial investment in training and infrastructure, in the long run, the BPO benefits will become apparent. Not only does BPO allow global companies to be benefited by the cream of talent at cheap rates, but BPO also...
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    The Value that BPO creates

    The Value that BPO creates The results have proved that after companies have outsourced their BPO work, quality and productivity has increased by 15-20% and customer satisfaction has gone up to almost 85%. The NASSCOM report also highlights the success of the automobile industry due to BPO to...
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    Job Creation due to BPO

    If somebody says that shifting of BPO jobs from one country to another creates jobs in the former country, it might sound contradictory. However that is exactly the fact of the matter. According to the NASSCOM report, the BFSI (banking, financial services, and insurance) sector have saved $6...
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    Cost Savings Due to BPO

    Companies have the access to the best of talent and expertise in the BPO arena, and that too at paltry wages. Studies have indicated that for every one dollar invested in BPO India, the value derived by the US economy is between $12-14. Moreover BPO work to India is one thing, which is...
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    BPO India to fight till the end Despite the bill being passed by the US senate barring the shifting of BPO work to India, the BPO supporters in the US is working at changing the perceptions. Although America understands that the increasing pressures to optimize costs and boost bottomlines makes...