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    Retail Market BOOM in india

    Can anyone help me to ask such type of questions on MANAGEMENT PARADISE. Please help me
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    An MBA in Recession time: Does it make sense?

    This is a list which gives idea about top B schools in India (2007) state wise. I hope this will help to someone.
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    How can we evade Poverty in India?

    we can invade poverty in India by creating job opprtunity, so to create job opprtunity we should have enterprenual skills
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    can a women marry a youger man ???

    yes, a woman can marry to a man who is younger to her. age doent matter when the relationship exists between them is faithful, caring and loving
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    do loyalty programmes really work???

    yes, i think loyality programs to retain customer is very important.................
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    Should Gay and Lesbian relationships be accepted ??

    This attachment contains information about same sex marriages
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    nice one

    I cant understand what debate is all about. can anyone please help me out
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    Can we privatise the Railways

    I am in favour of privatising the railways. -This will help in improvement in quality of services, -there will be competition in price. -this will create lot of jobs -will generate lot of revenue for govt But the privatising of railways should be done in steps and there should be formulation...
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    PPT -- IIM-a ABC conference

    Hi can u please reupload it.... since there is no attachment available here.....
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    Do you believe youths will change the face of poltics

    yes, I believe that youths will change the face of poltics
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    how mba professionals should contribute to the society !

    MBA Professionals are having the management skills, which they can apply practically for the betterment of the society
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    These are the six reasons which explains Why and How India Will Beat China
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    which newspaper u like to read ?

    I like to read THE HINDU, because its easy to understand
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    what will hppn in pakistan?

    Islamabad Pakistani police hunted on Wednesday for gunmen who mounted a bold attack on Sri Lanka's cricket team in Lahore and officials scrambled to figure out who was behind it. The Tuesday attack killed eight people, six of them Pakistani police. Six members of the Sri Lankan team and a...
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    Yes, Religion plays important role in a persons life in many aspects