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    material management notes

    hey friend, please check the link of my above post.. its for the sample project on MM .. hope you will like it and for more projects of MM or anyother topic please try searching out in the search option of site..:)
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    Rahul's Projects Section

    Re: Rahul's Projects Section hey friend, try checking this link.. may be it can help.. -Search results on
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    material management notes

    hey friend, what is your Project topic ?? please mention your project topic with detail about your project report so that i can try helping you out in that.. :) meanwhile you can go through this link, hope this help...
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    what makes a leader

    check the first post of thread.. presentation is there my friend,, i just downloaded it.. :)
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    Inputs for a Research Project on 3PL services in India

    Hey friend, you require Logistic project of which Industry?? is it banking, it or anything else?? please mention it and till the time being i am providing you links of some Projects on Logistics.. please check them out,, hope they can help you out.. -Search results on...
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    hey friend, please check the first post of thread.. as Attachment is there..just click on it and it well get downloaded automatically.. :)
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    Comparative Analysis of Pvt Sector Banks

    Hey Shakshi, try downloading project now, it pay be possible that coz of your low post you might not be able to download it and as you have made you posts now i think now you should be able to get it downloaded.. if even now you are not able to downloaded it then please mention what errors...
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    hey friend, sorry to say but we do not mail projects.. but i think you can get it easily downloaded on your system by just clicking the link in first post of the thread.. hope it works.. :)
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    Require project report on COMPENSATION MANAGEMENT

    Hey Friend, Project is in that Link.. please click on the Link and get your project downloaded.. :)
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    Need International financial market links

    Hey Shailesh, here are some links which i think can help you to gather some info. about Futures and Options trading and also some info about Euro Currency Market.. please go through.. hope it helps.. and if you have another query, just revert back.. :) Euro Currency Future and...
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    Training & Development project report for Bata India Ltd. , Batanagar Plant, Kolkata

    Re: Training & Development project report for Bata India Ltd. , Batanagar Plant, Kolk Hey friend, please let us know what problem are you facing while downloading it ?? i hope we can come up with some solution.. :)
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    Finance projects for mba students

    hey friend, please mention which project do you require?? so that we can try helping out in it..
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    Mba IT sem 3 notes

    hi Dinesh, please try searching it in the search option of site.. till then i will try to revert back with some useful links for you..
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    Who is the most sweetest member on Management paradise..

    Ahhh.. at last someone thinks that I'm Sweet.. thankss Dimpy,