Student Perspectives: Navigating In-Person vs. Virtual Events


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About Ashley: Ashley Klotz (’23) is originally from Los Angeles. She graduated from Boston College with a Bachelors in Economics. After graduation, Ashley stayed in Boston and worked for Staples Inc. as a Product Development Specialist for private label office machines, think shredders and calculators! Most recently, Ashley worked as an Associate Brand Manager at Creative Circle, a creative and marketing staffing agency, where she launched a brand refresh; managing the creative services needed. At Anderson, she seeks to continue to develop her brand management career. Ashley is interested in the learning more about general management through course classes and student clubs.

There’s no questioning that the world has changed drastically since March 2020. Now in 2021, while we are no longer in quarantine, we are not completely back to the “normal” we knew before. And I don’t think we ever will be, for the better. As a student at UCLA Anderson, my daily schedule includes a mix of in-person meetings, classes, and events, and virtual coffee chats, panels, and presentations. This blend of the “old” way and “new” way is enabling a current student to optimize our time and schedules.

What’s in-person?

  • Classes are live with professors teaching from our Anderson buildings. While if needed, we do have the option of watching a class recording or on zoom from home if sick, many students choose to go in person!
  • Many student club events are being held on campus. From the club fairs to alumni career nights, our spacious outdoor space allows for events big or small and we are taking advantage of the fresh air!

What’s a mix?

  • Company recruitment presentations are often a toss-up of in person or virtual. There are pros and cons to each. Virtual allows for greater capacity and more flexible scheduling, while in-person is great for that added element of connection.
  • Guest speakers and panels can be virtual or in-person. Virtual options give the added flexibility to the speakers to accommodate this discussion in their schedules, increasing the availability of many high-profile panelists to speak with students. Usually more intimate speaker events tend to be in person, while larger panels are on Zoom.

What’s virtual?

  • Coffee chats with prospective employers have all been virtual! Personally, I like this format because it makes it easier to schedule in our already busy days!
  • Interviews, first round at least, are likely going to be on zoom! We are prepping the in-person and virtual interview format with our classmates to ensure success in both.

How UCLA is setting us up for success with this blended format?

  • Outdoor space is ample for events that are in-person! We are in LA after all! With the weather rarely dropping below 60 degrees, we can and do use our outdoor community spaces year-round!
  • Small working rooms are available to reserve all around campus. Virtual options mean you can say yes to more opportunities, however often you are on campus because of class or a student club and so having these rooms to reserve is critical to ensure a successful zoom interaction!
  • Support for both in person and virtual formats is available. Our curriculum has been updated to ensure that each student feels successful conducting any event in either of these formats.

Ultimately, we have the community that admires and thrives with in-person socializing with the bonus of greater access to events now virtual. However, as we have learned in the past two years, things can change quickly! So please note this reflects one student’s experience in Fall 2021, but you never know how and when the future can shift.

Student Blogger: Ashley Klotz

Undergrad: Boston College '17

Pre-MBA: Associate Brand Manager, Creative Circle


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