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As application deadlines are approaching, how do you narrow down the schools you are applying to? There are several ways to research MBA programs.

Web Resources
Start researching programs through their websites like ours. Websites will have plenty of information regarding the admissions process, curriculum plans, student life, and career placement data. Taking a deep dive into the website will give you a better feel for what schools are looking for and if the program fits your needs. UCLA Anderson has a blog in addition to other social media accounts like Twitter and Instagram for you to check to get further insights. You can also complete an inquiry form to get more information and updates.

Virtual School Visits
Because of covid, most schools still have some type of virtual campus experience. This includes things like information sessions or coffee chats or something with more robust programming like an open house where you can learn more about the program through networking with faculty, administration, and current students.

Many schools are also participating in virtual fairs sponsored by partner organizations such as the MBA Tour, Centre Court, and Forte Forums to name a few. At these events, a number of schools are available virtually for you to learn about their programs. This is a convenient way to learn about many programs in a few hours and there are usually admissions officers, current students, and/or alumni on hand to answer questions.

My last suggestion to learn more about a program is to look at your own network. You may have colleagues or friends who have gone through a program or they may know someone who has. They are usually a great resource for information and can share about their experiences.

The above recommendations are only a few of the many different things you can do to research MBA programs. The more research you do, the better informed you will be about which schools to apply to and ultimately where to enroll.


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