Google Analytics is illegal? All that you need to know


Management Paradise Admin
The French, Austrian, Danish, and Italian Data Protection Authorities have stated that the technical compliance measures provided by Google Analytics 3 (also known as Universal Analytics) are insufficient.

The main issue is that user data is transferred to the United States, a country without an adequate level of protection.

While we wait for future developments, if you're using Google Analytics 3, we suggest to:

  • consider switching to an alternative analytics tool that does not involve data transfer outside the EU

  • move over to Google Analytics 4 and implement additional measures using the available settings


Management Paradise Admin
  • Google Analytics 4 is Google's answer to the ongoing privacy challenges in Europe
  • Google Analytics 4 handles IP addresses in a different way
  • Google Analytics 4 offers additional privacy-related options and settings
  • Currently, there's no way to know for sure whether the authorities will consider the use of Google Analytics 4 sufficient
  • Moving away from Google Analytics - and any US-based provider - is the only option that can be considered safe (but it may be difficult for some to achieve)
While Google Analytics 4 cannot guarantee compliance, it's a step forward and a better alternative to the previous version