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    Julian Edelman - Patriots' Rolling Rally

    <h1>Julian Edelman - Patriots' Rolling Rally</h1> A huge number of fans turned out for the Patriots' Super Bowl triumph "Rolling Rally" on Wednesday, commending the group's fourth title in the Tom Brady-Bill Belichick period. Emulating the emotional 28-24 win, much obliged to some extent to...
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    Julian Gnana Dhas Intro

    Lecturer MBA department
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    julian Intro

    ME JUS JOINED MBA and i am proud to this community
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    Julian Coutts

    Julian Coutts ... investment risk director to chief scientific officer while also finding time to achieve an MBA from Warwick University. From the day he started, his colleagues realised the company had ... More...
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    WHAT'S REALLY DRIVING THE GOLD PRICE UP ( By Julian Philips- Global Investor)

    Friends, For those of you who have been wondering as to why Gold has been skyrocketing, here is an article by Julian Philips, explaining some of the reasons. Btw, as I write this, Gold prices saw a record movement of over 600 rs. It rose by over 300 rs. In the morning and fell by another 300...