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    Meaning of Copywriting Copywriting is a Specialised form of Communicating Ideas that are meant to serve the requirements of modern marketing. Elements of Copy Main Head line Sub-Headline Body copy Slogans Logotype/signature Closing ideas General Copy Principles Print copy Principles...
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    Turning Your Words into Wealth

    Discover The Simplest Way To Add Profits To Your Business Bottom Line. Custom Training on Sales Letters & Scripts for Various Trades & Industries. Troy White, a business mentor in business marketing will give you the best advice. Turning Your Words into Wealth... street smart tools for improving...
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    Effective Copywriting

    these are 10 steps to effective copywriting.............. Fo through these to bes successful
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    This is a very well crafted question bank on COPYWRITING as a subject. But ultimately its the CREATIVITY that counts more rather than the theoritical concepts.. I am also attaching the wway COPYWRITING is carried out in an AD Agency... It contains some short notes as well as the BRIEF that...