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    My Love: eBook [Buy now]

    I just uploaded my first ebook on Amazon Kindle, it has a collection of few poems. As the title of the ebook suggests, it is about "Love" and also how the writer has personified his lover. Please download and share your views. This is just the beginning. More to follow. YOU CAN DOWNLOAD...
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    What is the name of first microprocessor in the world?

    Still remains to be the leading manufacturer of processors. :)
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    History Teacher !! How to be?

    We know that! How do you intend to make classes innovative and creative?
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    Reduced Petrol Price? Political Pressure

    Usually price rises are because of increased demand but as far as fuel prices are concerned, there seems no shortage of goods which might be a cause for the rise.
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    Girlfriend and boy friend relationships

    A debate that won't suit this era, personally it is an individual's wish to be in relation. One can not set standards and guidelines for the same.
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    What is Management Accountancy?

    That was really informative :)
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    Attitude for Success !

    ^^^^ Positive attitude measured in the right quantity without a sense of over confidence should be good for success. My mantra: "First believe in yourself"
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    Is physical force a justifiable method of punishing children?

    Parents or teachers, using physical force is simply objectionable at any cause. A parent should definitely know how to treat his/her kid. Like Sagarika says, it does have a great negative impact on the child's attitude. The way one is treated in this society ultimately decides the kid's...
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    World's first sex school opens in Austria do you think it will work in India

    My first reaction: "WTF, are you serious? Is this real? Paying for this.." This is something that will certainly not workout in our society! Not just India, it will have a negative impact in many other countries.
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    School Life VS College Life

    It definitely differs for everyone, each place has been special :)
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    Moderators Required for

    Can i apply?? Looks like a new set of moderator can make the community much more effective :)
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    Who has won the Man Booker prize in 2011?

    Any idea about the previous winners???
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    Scope for clinicial research studies?

    What is the scope for clinical research studies? any personal experiences to share with?
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    Which laptop would you suggest?

    @Melroy With that configuration, you gotta give more credits to the hardware and not merely just the company. I suggest you to get a Dell or a Lenova with your present configuration, you will be even more happier. You will see a difference.
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    Audi replaces Mercedes Benz as the second largest luxury car

    Personally Benz used to be such a craze but now AUDI has taken its place. Audi, especially the sports editions will definitely make higher sales in the market.