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    Which is better- Doing MBA as fresher Or with Work Experience

    guys, Do you'll think it would be worth it to do an mba from iims after 5 yrs of work ex...
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    How investing in stocks can make you rich....

    If there's something big that you want -- from a comfortable retirement to a house on the beach -- and you can't afford it today, you need to save and make your money work for you. When you have lots of time, but not lots of money in a lump sum, the best way to build wealth is by investing in...
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    help me in project of compensation management

    chk out the link for a thread in the forums...its got a document on Compensation Management... cheers,
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    Are we ready to cope with TATA's 1 lakh car?

    quite true that we do not have the required infrastructrue...Fuel prices do form a part of the Cons of the CAR even if the same is affordable to middle class consumers. But the biggest hurdle will ofcourse be the infrastructure.. B-Class and C-Class segment cars are already in demand with...
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    Decision Making, Creativity And Ethics

    thanks...was ery useful in project...
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    Newbie here

    Hi All, just joined the Management bandwagon..I'm in the First yr of MFSM, a part time management course from Alkesh Dinesh Modi Inst., Mumbai University.. looking forward to gaining knowledge and helping out wherever possible... cheers,