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    10 steps you must take to create a perfect blog

    Setting up a blog is not only about Buying a domain and Installing WordPress. When you start a blog (specially long-term), make sure to set up the following things. . . 1. Publish all Important Pages - Privacy Policy, Contact Us, Affiliate Disclaimer, Terms of Service etc. . 2. Make sure to set...
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    The Best ICO's to invest in first quarter of 2018

    Every once in a while, an opportunity comes around, What divides winners from losers is - those who seize it and those who don't. By now, you must have heard about all the people who made a killing with bitcoin over the last year. Some of them made more than tens of millions with just an...
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    How to buy, sell, trade alt coins in India?

    For people who are want to trade in altcoins, following is the procedure: 1) Make your account on indian exchanges: zebpay, koinex(preferred), coinome 2) i)Zebpay a)Transfer BTC from zebpay to exchanges like Bittrex, Poloneix, Binance(recommended). Start buying altcoins using BTC & when you...
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    How to buy alt crypto coins ?

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    What "Travelling access to emails!" really means

    This is the most common reason we get from senior folks whenever we do a followup for update on status/feedback. Now, it is no secret that anyone with even the cheapest smartphone has configured all their work and personal emails on their phones. So there is no way that travelling should impact...
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    Mr. Recruiter - You had me at Hello

    “You had me at Hello” is the famous dialog from the movie Jerry Mcguire, with Tom Cruise & Rene Zellweger, where when Tom (Jerry) proposes to Rene (Dorothy), Rene confirms that Tom had got her ‘yes’ the first time he said Hello! I am trying to map this to an interaction between a Recruiter and...
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    Logistics and Transportation

    Logistics firms will be GST%u2019s biggest unnoticeable beneficiaries GST: Logistics firms will be GST’s biggest unnoticeable beneficiaries Freight, logistics firms are %u2018good to go%u2019, but wary Freight, logistics firms are
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    Transportation in India

    How logistics industry in India is evolving The logistics industry in India is evolving rapidly and it has been the backbone of the economy. All the commercial sectors depend on logistics requiring efficient, cost effective flow of goods. The logistics & warehousing industry continued to grow...
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    Signs Your Employee Is About to Quit

    Signs Your Employee Is About to Quit: 1. More active on LinkedIn 2. Contributes less during meetings 3. Is absent a lot 4. Starts taking more personal calls 5. Was recently passed over for a promotion or raise 6. Less interested in advancement 7. Productivity has dropped 8. Delegates...
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    How to register for GST in India?

    How to register for GST in India? GST registration is a complete online procedure which is done by applying on GSTN website directly. All supporting documents are uploaded on the GSTn directly and once, they are fine, registration is granted. Let us understand it in three steps: # Arrange...
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    Workshop for Recruiters - Effectively Engaging Candidates on Phone

    Here's details of a recent workshop that I attended that was designed for Recruiters helping them understand unique approaches and practical techniques on how to effectively engage Candidates on phone; so that they are able to build credibility, gain candidate trust and assess their competence...
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    CAT Results 2016

    These awesome lines for all CAT 2016 students who are eagerly awaiting their CAT results: Manzil mil hi Jayegi ; Bhatak kar hi Sahi Gumraah to wo Hain ; Jo Ghar se Niklay hi Nahin
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    2017 Long Weekends List [with holiday spot suggestions inside]

    The next year is packed with 14 long weekends, including two nine-day bonanzas—one in Aug and the other in Oct. Get prepping, folks! Thu, 26 Jan: Republic Day Fri, 27 Jan: Take leave Sat, 28 Jan Sun, 29 Jan Consider: Gulmarg or Auli for skiing; Jawai to spot leopards Fri, 24 Feb...
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    Imagine The World for the young in 2050

    What does your dream world for a young person 50 years from now look like? I came across an interesting take on this while reading facebook feed: What would you add or remove to this list? :SugarwareZ-154:
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    Indian Politics and Indian SEO - Commonalities

    What are the commonalities between Indian Politics and Indian SEO? A facebook user Moghul Ghosh has written a very good anomaly that is going viral. Digital Marketeers, can you think of any other similarities? Reply :)
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    HR Manager Writes a Love Letter to His Girl Friend

    I am very happy to Inform you that I have fallen In love with you since the 12th of March (Thursday) with reference to the meeting held between us on the 11h of March (Wednesday) at 15:00hrs, I would like to present myself as a prospective boyfriend .Our love affair would be on probation for a...
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    India's revenge against Pakistan

    While the whole twitterverse is trending India to take revenge against Pakistan's terrorist attacks one gentleman on Facebook supported PM Narendra Modi's strategies. I was completely impressed with the dialogue so thought of sharing it here. What are your thoughts. Should India take revenge?
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    HR Trends in India

    Trends in the HR space of India: Virtual Interviews: Background: In today’s scenario, employers are opting for newer techniques to acquire most versatile talent by tapping them online. Employers are now making use of tools like Skype, Hangouts or Viber to interact with the candidates. This...
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    Break through Innovation and Invention - A seven-step path

    Big breakthroughs typically follow a seven-step path: First, no one’s heard of you. Then they’ve heard of you but think you’re nuts. Then they understand your product, but think it has no opportunity. Then they view your product as a toy. Then they see it as an amazing toy. Then they start...
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    We are different ji - Parody for AAP Politics

    One minister caught taking bribes. 'We are different ji. We are honest'. Second minister caught faking a degree. 'We are different ji. We have integrity'. Third minister caught with his pants down. 'We are different ji. We respect women'. One MLA arrested for abetment of suicide. 'We are...