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    10 steps you must take to create a perfect blog

    Setting up a blog is not only about Buying a domain and Installing WordPress. When you start a blog (specially long-term), make sure to set up the following things. . . 1. Publish all Important Pages - Privacy Policy, Contact Us, Affiliate Disclaimer, Terms of Service etc. . 2. Make sure to set...
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    Hi... I'm Steven from New York City...

    Hi Steven, welcome to Management Paradise. Help others and help yourself :)
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    The Best ICO's to invest in first quarter of 2018

    Every once in a while, an opportunity comes around, What divides winners from losers is - those who seize it and those who don't. By now, you must have heard about all the people who made a killing with bitcoin over the last year. Some of them made more than tens of millions with just an...
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    How to buy, sell, trade alt coins in India?

    For people who are want to trade in altcoins, following is the procedure: 1) Make your account on indian exchanges: zebpay, koinex(preferred), coinome 2) i)Zebpay a)Transfer BTC from zebpay to exchanges like Bittrex, Poloneix, Binance(recommended). Start buying altcoins using BTC & when you...
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    How to buy alt crypto coins ?

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    What are the types of Architect jobs

    Architecture degree will help you to get these kind of architect jobs: Building surveyor. Commercial/residential surveyor. Higher education lecturer. Historic buildings inspector/conservation officer. Landscape architect. Planning and development surveyor. Production designer...
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    What "Travelling access to emails!" really means

    This is the most common reason we get from senior folks whenever we do a followup for update on status/feedback. Now, it is no secret that anyone with even the cheapest smartphone has configured all their work and personal emails on their phones. So there is no way that travelling should impact...
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    Career in banking sector

    That's awesome pushpendra. Keep helping the community
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    Mr. Recruiter - You had me at Hello

    “You had me at Hello” is the famous dialog from the movie Jerry Mcguire, with Tom Cruise & Rene Zellweger, where when Tom (Jerry) proposes to Rene (Dorothy), Rene confirms that Tom had got her ‘yes’ the first time he said Hello! I am trying to map this to an interaction between a Recruiter and...
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    Project on Compensation Management

    Would be great if you can open your own help request thread. That way more people will come forward to help you.
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    Is sales management software like DLguard necessary?

    Try something like an agilecrm to manage your sales automations.
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    IT staffing

    What kind of positions have you closed before? What is your avg turnaround time?
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    Career in banking sector

    Pretty cool information. Keep it up and keep sharing (y)
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    Vendor Management System?

    Did you go through a few? What are the pros and cons with the VMS CRM's that you liked? I could share a list but that really won't proved helpful unless you share your thoughts on existing ones that you have come across.
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    SSC Recruitment 2017

    Keep sharing (y) Very good job.
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    5 Inspiring Quotes of Dhirubhai Ambani on Leadership

    That's a very vague question. Do you have something specific in mind?
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    100 Marks project in Retail- Store Operations

    Open your own help request thread and more people will be willing to help you.
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    Case Study about enterprise development

    Hi there, Try these links: Case Studies Hub | Management Paradise Download Free Case Studies | Free Case Study Documents Google Custom Search Let me know if it helped.
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    Recruitment Service

    Absolutely true. At core recruitment and selection remains the most important function of HR.
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    Logistics and Transportation

    With GST in place, India is expected to become a seamless market without any difference in the interstate or intrastate markets