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    promotional mix

    its is about all sales promotion and othe promotional mix
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    how to access 100 marks project

    hello online frnds can u help me by guiding me how to access 100 marks premium project.....
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    Networking, total quality management , foreign direct investment etc

    networking,total quality management , forign direct investment etc
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    this is a ppt. of networking... analog data and signal and communication
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    data communication

    it include everyuthing about data communications.... how to do it.....
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    sales promotion- its very urgent

    hiii online users.... plz help me out on my 100 marks term paper.... its very urgent have to summit on coming mon.....
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    need help regarding sales promotion... its urgent

    hi.... everybody............. i need help in making 100 marks term paper ..... sales promotion...... so plzz frnds help me out by providing materials on it as early as possible
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    sickness in ssi units

    hi everybody, this notes focus on problems,statistical data, etc about sickness in ssi units
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    erp- supply chain management

    it belongs to enterprise resourse i have analysis the supply chain management in mobile industry