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    An analysis of the Union Budget 2013-14

    BY Mr. Thiruvengdam P. , Executive Director, Delloite
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    Check out the video on the union Budget 2013-14

    The Union Budget 2013-14. Uploaded By Prtk Nayak in Campus Videos videos category on
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    Word A Day

    Crucible means a situation of severe trial, or in which different elements interact, leading to the creation of something new. Next: Harangue :)
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    Identify the Punchline

    Your Right Partner- Standard Chartered Bank Next: A Passion to Perform..:)
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    Logo Identification

    The logo is that of Starbucks:)
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    Word A Day

    Baffled: Totally bewilder or perplexed Next Word: Bibulous..:)
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    Biz-Nerd Set-4

    1. Imax:Canada::Village Roads:Australia::Cinepolis: ?? Ans. Mexico 2. Internet address can be written in a new way now in India. Name it. Ans. IPV6 3. The idea of digestive biscuits was the brainchild of which company? Ans. Mcvities 4. Parle G is world's largest selling biscuit by volume. True...
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    The new wa of creating VALUE

    Business Analytics is proving more and more to be a source of competitive advantage. To be specific this source is called Competitive analytics. The three characteristics of competitive analytics are Data Orientation, Information Management and Analytics Expertise. Now there are three elements...
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    The 5 most common Analytics Blunders

    1. Insufficient Investment : Most companies are under invested in Analytics. Big companies have millions of customers and hundreds of datapoints per customer. Such data can not be analysed using Excel or SaaS which takes two hours to implement. Intelligent and sufficient investment in Analytics...
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    Question paper on Venture capital and Private equity

    1. Venture capital firms prefer to invest in: a. High potential ventures b. Conventional small businesses c. Privately held middle market firms d. All of the above 2. Early stage financing is typically: a. easier to obtain than expansion financing b.called seed or start up capital c. where...
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    Question Paper on Market Research

    1. What are the differences between strategic and tactical marketing research? 2. Name the four scales of measurement. 3. What is the role of secondary research in the marketing research process? 4. What is the difference between stratified and cluster sampling? 5. How do you handle 'Dont know'...
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    Here's a trick question.. What mathematical symbol can be put between 7 and 9 to get a result that is greater than 7 but less than 9 ?:)
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    Why did the chicken cross the road ? :)

    Aristotle: It is the nature of thye chickens to cross the road. Newton: Chickens at rest tend to stay at rest..chickens in motion tend to cross the road..:SugarwareZ-178: Einstein : Whether the chicken crossed the road or the road moved beneath the chicken depends on your frame of...
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    Word A Day

    Anorak means a heavy jacket with a hood, its also a British slang for a nerd or a geek. Next: Baedeker :)
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    Identify the Punchline

    Rishtey wahi soch Nayi is Star Plus's Tagline Next: Costs less to get more :)
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    Can you name the Company??

    You both are correct..:D Here is a fun one: Cyrus Mistry, the new Captain at the helm of the TATA group has an uncanny habit that Mr. Ratan Tata finds very weird..Can you name this habit? :)
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    Which parent contributes more towards the upbringing of a child: FATHER or MOTHER??

    While seconding shweta's views i would like to add some more points on the effects of society. Even the society plays a very crucial role when it comes to shaping the perspective of the child on their parents. One good example would that be of the much cliched generation gap. The parent who...
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    Why are HR professionals still treated as Liability and not Assets

    I acknowledge your views with a pinch of salt. On the contrary according to some recent studies HR has shed its age old image and has come up as a new even more critical to an organisation's success not because it manages the most important resource an organisation can...
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    Identify the Punchline

    The answer is SBI debit card.. Next.." Never follow" :)
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    Word A Day

    Then you must have been talking of the Spanish English Context. Skoda- Shame, Damage or pity Wamble ?? :)