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  1. kartik

    Action Plan: Social Entrepreneurship Competition at Abhyuday, IIT Bombay [Prizes worth Rs. 15 Lakhs]: Register by Nov 7

    About the Organiser Abhyuday, started in 2014, with a group of socially inclined students who felt the need for a body, which provides opportunities to the students of the institute who wish to work for a better society. With a vision to channelize the youth towards India’s social challenges...
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    How to Download Attachment in this forum

    What's the attachment you can't see? please post the link
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    How to Download Attachment in this forum

    Can you see the attachments now?
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    How to Download Attachment in this forum

    This has been fixed. Please try again.
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    Taking a break to study for CAT??

    Yes, cracking the CAT is lot easier than the live you will live in your 30's.. just that we connect the dots backwards. You can crack it even if you start studying only a month in advance with proper focus.
  6. kartik

    Results Out for BMS (SEM V) (CBCGS) (75:25) (CHOICE BASE) EXAM HELD NOVEMBER 2018

    Results Are Out for BMS (SEM V) (CBCGS) (75:25) (CHOICE BASE) EXAMHELD IN NOVEMBER 2018 Head over to to check your results. How’s the results? Happy ? Sad ? Relaxed? Relieved? :whoo:
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    Hello From Bombay - eCommerce / Retail guy here looking to connect with ya'll

    Re: Hello From Bombay - eCommerce / Retail guy here looking to connect with ya'll Welcome to the forum Jugal. Trust you get what you are looking for.
  8. kartik

    Why do people works in management consultant firms?

    People work in management consulting because it pays really well. Its a cushy job that exposes you to several sectors, fortune 500 businesses and a suitcase lifestyle that enables golden handshakes.
  9. kartik

    Your Turns 12 today!

    One can only wonder how time flies.. its 24th November again today, the date that it all started 12 years back for a younger naive version of me back in 2004. Its an auspicious day of celebration, because it made me what I am today. It also changed lives and benefited those 100 million plus...
  10. kartik

    Ola / Uber vs rickshaws in mumbai

    Forwarded message Yesterday morning, I asked an auto rickshaw driver if he will take me to Seven Bungalows. As usual, he refused, and just stood there. Then I asked another passing auto rickshaw...he too refused and ran off. I asked a third one, he did not even bother to stop. Still, clinging...
  11. kartik

    Salman Khan and the Black Bucks

    Seems like the buck committed suicide.
  12. kartik

    Air Pollution

    With the new government focused on clean energy, I am hopeful we will be able to reduce our Air Pollution levels drastically.
  13. kartik

    How to Overcome from this recession?

    Easier said than done. But something that one can't escape. In recession, if you are laid off or finding it difficult to land a job, you should: Network more and invite people to have a cup of coffee with you. Read more and gather a broad understanding of business and the environment...
  14. kartik

    Employee Vs Employer

    Agreed, everything boils down to demand supply at the end of the day. Rest is all notional. If the economy is booming, there is more demand for talent and so employees get more salaries while organisations make more profit. In recession, organisations are facing losses or the quantum of profit...
  15. kartik


    There's just too much competition and too less skilled workforce to deliver on the job. Automation in business processes and artificial intelligence replacing the need for human resource is another threat to employment rates.
  16. kartik

    Happy Birthday Kartik Raichura CEO/Founder/Mentor of

    Thanks bhautik for your lovely wishes. Thank you everyone for your wishes and prayers. Appreciate it!
  17. kartik

    B.M.S SEM-V (CBGS) (75:25) TYBMS SEM 5 Revaluation results are out

    New revaluation result list declared on
  18. kartik

    Have you ever owned a luxury car?

    I'd love to own a Mercedes s6000 Currently I own a Honda Accord.
  19. kartik

    Happy Ram Navami 2016

    Happy Ram Navami guys :) How are you celebrating it?