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  1. kartik

    Action Plan: Social Entrepreneurship Competition at Abhyuday, IIT Bombay [Prizes worth Rs. 15 Lakhs]: Register by Nov 7

    About the Organiser Abhyuday, started in 2014, with a group of socially inclined students who felt the need for a body, which provides opportunities to the students of the institute who wish to work for a better society. With a vision to channelize the youth towards India’s social challenges...
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    Results Out for BMS (SEM V) (CBCGS) (75:25) (CHOICE BASE) EXAM HELD NOVEMBER 2018

    Results Are Out for BMS (SEM V) (CBCGS) (75:25) (CHOICE BASE) EXAMHELD IN NOVEMBER 2018 Head over to to check your results. How’s the results? Happy ? Sad ? Relaxed? Relieved? :whoo:
  3. kartik

    Your Turns 12 today!

    One can only wonder how time flies.. its 24th November again today, the date that it all started 12 years back for a younger naive version of me back in 2004. Its an auspicious day of celebration, because it made me what I am today. It also changed lives and benefited those 100 million plus...
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    Ola / Uber vs rickshaws in mumbai

    Forwarded message Yesterday morning, I asked an auto rickshaw driver if he will take me to Seven Bungalows. As usual, he refused, and just stood there. Then I asked another passing auto rickshaw...he too refused and ran off. I asked a third one, he did not even bother to stop. Still, clinging...
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    Startup India Portal and Mobile App Launched by Govt of India

    The Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP), Govt. of India had launched the Start-up India Portal and Mobile App for details related to Start-up Action Plan, Notifications and Online Registration of Start-ups. For more information, visit Startup India I see this as a welcome move...
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    Indians knew the Darwin theory ages before it was discovered as the Dashavatar

    I recently got this forward on WhatsApp and I definitely had to share it. Do you agree that mythology is a story telling format based on science of the old age?
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    Uploading knowledge to your brain soon to be a reality

    Do you remember how in the hollywood movie - The Matrix, Neo is able to instantly learn kung fu in seconds after the martial art is ‘uploaded’ straight to his brain ? Well that's about to come true. Researchers claim to have developed a simulator which can feed information directly into a...
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    The world is simply a demand and supply circle.

    The world is simply a demand and supply circle. That's the underlying principle behind everything. Be it Marketing, HR, Finance, Ops, Innovation, Infosystems. You can extend it to love, life, satisfaction, happiness. The principles are: 1.) More demand More supply means more efforts to stand...
  9. kartik

    TYBMS SEM 5 Results Declared for November 2015 Exam

    Hello Mpites! TYBMS SEM 5 Results are Declared for November 2015 Exam on the Mumbai University Website. Please note : These are OLD results and NOT the TYBMS SEM V 75:25 Results Here's the link : Results for BMS SEM- V (CBSGS) (60:40) held on NOV 2015...
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    What's the Wishlist of startups and investors from the Government?

    <h2>What's the Wishlist of startups and investors from the Government?</h2> The Centre looks to unveil India's first startup policy this week and there's a lot of speculation and aggregation on what the wish list of startups and investors is from the government. ET aggregated an infographic...
  11. kartik

    Do you go to your HR manager when you need help?

    Do you go to your HR manager when you need help? Most employees think of HR as not Human Resource Managers but High Risk. Here's a funny forward that I received that I want to share with you. So do you think of HR as Human Resource or High Risk ? Look forward to hear your stories...
  12. kartik

    Top Gifts for MBA Students this Christmas?

    Let's put together the ultimate gift buying guide for the MBA in your life. Here are my inputs for the MBA Gift Guide: Travel Gear : Because most successful MBAs are globe trotters. Gift them books, backpacking gear, airline miles, hotel points, or anything that can help them while...
  13. kartik

    Suresh Prabhu on Ministry of Railways - Achievements & Initiatives 2015

    India is changing quickly, enthusiastically, dynamically and so are its unsexy sectors like the railways. I woke up this morning to an email from the Railway Minister Mr. Suresh Prabhu. Such openness, transparency and connect is commendable. As the year comes to an end, what are your...
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    OLX: Purana Jayega, Tohi Naya Aayega? Not in HR

    Your employees – the backbone of your business. Do you take care of your employees or just let them go? Here are some quick tips to cherish and nurture your employees: Maintain an open door policy where they can come to you for suggestions, questions and grievances. Appreciate them when they...
  15. kartik

    Your Turns 11 today!

    Today, 24th November has always been very close to my heart. Its the day I started Management Paradise in the year 2004. I never knew what it meant to be an entrepreneur then. Heck, I probably don't even know it still, but I'm learning! When I started way back in 2004...
  16. kartik

    Happy Diwali Everyone ! Light, Laugh, Live !

    Lakshmi ka Hath ho, Saraswati ka Sath ho, Ganesh ka niwas ho, Aur Maa Durga ke Aashirwad se Apke Jeevan me Prakash ho. Wishing you happiness & peace. Happy Diwali to one and all. Cheers! Please accept my small gift to you - An ebook worth Rs. 1500/- Go to ...
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    Launch Secrets Revealed - How GMAIL become the leading email provider!

    What are the untold secrets of the successful GMAIL viral campaign? Gmail, was the major innovation that changed the entire tech ecosystem. How did it beat the behemoths yahoo and hotmail at their own game in email? Promise the impossible and make it happen Gmail promised a 1gb storage space...
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    Happy Birthday Wishes for your Wife | Status Messages, Quotes, Images and Wallpapers

    Happy Birthday Wishes for your Wife | Status Messages, Quotes, Images and Wallpapers Wish her a happy birthday on google talk, facebook, whatsapp, or in a greeting card with these cute, romantic and great messages. Happy Birth day 2 my Honey Bunch of joy My sweet Nectar of love my...
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    How to make $100 per day?

    <div style="padding: 10px; background: #fffbdb; margin-bottom: 10px;"><font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" color="#555555"><span style="font-size: 12px;">Today I'm going to let you in on "How to make $100 per day" </span></font><br /><br /><font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"...