Which GMAT Test Prep Course is Best?


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Veritas Prep is in the lead with 31 votes, and Manhattan GMAT holds second place with 17 votes. While readers have pointed out that anyone can vote in a forum-based poll (or they could even stuff the ballot), this was not intended to be a scientific survey. The purpose of such a poll in the forums is merely to spark discussion and get people to share their opinions on the various programs.

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Manhattan GMAT
Manhattan Review
Princeton Review
Veritas Prep

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I believe good courses can save time. Dealing with instructors who have scored above 750 and who have used years thinking about the GMAT can support you gain insight. A private tutor can analyze your scratchwork and suggest time-saving methods. Classes can also offer discipline for those that need structure. An brilliant and self-disciplined individual can get a good GMAT score without them.


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