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Business Plan and Marketing Strategies of a new product line of Moped's called "Hawk"

By Pratik Mehta

Executive Summary

For the purpose of this project, we have chosen the two-wheeler industry. We plan to manufacture and sell mopeds in the semi-urban and rural areas of selected districts in Maharashtra.

We assume that there is no player of mopeds in the rural market and hence we will have the first-mover advantage. But this also means that we will have to create awareness of the concept of a moped. This will be done through our promotion strategy.

We have assumed ourselves to be Bajaj Auto Ltd. Being a major player in the Indian 2-wheeler industry; we have the required resources to launch the moped successfully in the Indian rural market. Also, since we are already into the business of a similar product, we know and recognize the pulse of the Indian customer, urban, as well as rural.

We plan to call our moped ‘HAWK’. It will have a 4-stroke 75 CC Diesel Engine with a maximum of 5bhp @ 5500 RPM. This extra power will be useful for it in the rural market for the various uses the rural customers will find for it. We will have additional features suited to the rural markets and also special accessories that will help the customer get the most out of his moped. It will be a true ‘Value-for-money’ product and will be available in varied colours suited to the rural market.

We have chosen to launch HAWK in Maharashtra. We have 2 manufacturing plants already in Maharashtra and we plan to launch it only in a select few districts in Maharashtra, which are near to our plant.



New member u hav any info on strategey......

u hav research on a particular product or all products?


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dude.. kindly elaborate on the issues pertaining to counter strategies by immediate competition.. also how cross-selling mopeds can help the sales..


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hi i hv posted more than 1 but still cudnt open the attachments,...i m a BBA student, plz tell me the proper format of the project report...plz help me out


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hi i hv posted more than 1 but still cudnt open the attachments,...i m a BBA student, plz tell me the proper format of the project report...plz help me out

hey friend, i am posting a simple format of project report along with a file explaining about the structure of project report...
check it out i hope it can be helpful...



Executive Summary – should contain a brief explanation of the project.

Introduction to the concept

Industry profile,

Company profile

Background and inception of the company

Nature of the business carried

Vision, Mission and Quality Policy

Product/Services Profile

Area of Operation – Global/National/Regional

Ownership Pattern

Competitors Information

Infrastructural facilities

Achievement Award if any

Workflow model (end to end)

Mckinsey’s Seven S Model as applicable to that organization.


Overall organization structure details – Board of Directors/functional head etc.

Substructure dealing with each functional discipline.


Classification of skill – detail the steps taken to impart necessary skills – on the job/off the job training.


Top down / Bottom up

Authoritarian / Participative

Any one decision making parameter should be studied pertaining to day-to-day operation, to conclude the style of functioning.


Any one strategy adopted by the company should be considered to explain, “How it is implemented” e.g. – pricing/waste elimination etc.


System followed in any one department in the organization should be detailed. Inventory control system / order execution system / Merit rating system etc.


Classification / Duties and responsibility of various groups of staff.
Eg.: Technical / Supervisory / Clerical.

Shared Value:

Study of implementing shared value in the company by an illustration, where the company has implemented its stated objective.

The SWOT Analysis.

Research Methodology:

Title of the Project

Statement of the problem


Operational definitions

Data collection

Statistical Tools used for research

Sampling Technique – Sampling Unit, Sample Size and Sampling method.

Plan of Analysis

Limitations to the study

Data Analysis and interpretation

Summary of findings


Conclusions – Future Growth

Learning Experience


Financial Statements




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