A Very Happy Birthday To Young and Dashing Entrepreneur - Kartik Raichura


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With a leader like you, tasks and projects are so much fun to work on. I wish you a very Happy Birthday. May God bless you with more success and glory in the times to come

May the new year of your life bring in loads of joy and success to your life. Enjoy your day.

Let the new year of your life bring in loads of happiness and wonderful memories in your life.

We have never met a person as kind, humble and down-to-earth as you. You are the best role model whom we could look up to. Thank you for being a lovely boss

This company owes so much to you. Besides the company, we owe you so much for your guidance and the correct advice you would readily give us.

Birthdays are little occasions we get to show our loved ones that we care. You are not just a guide, but a mentor and most of all a friend.



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Hello sir,

I feel nice to hear that today is your birthday. i wish you a very successful future ahead.
Happy Birthday Sir:SugarwareZ-144::SugarwareZ-144::SugarwareZ-144::SugarwareZ-144::SugarwareZ-130::SugarwareZ-130::SugarwareZ-130:

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Hello Kartik.......

Wish you a very happy birthday........
May god bless you with More happiness and good health.......


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Birthdays always be special to everyone in life. But they to wish a friend, boss Birthday today i really fall short of words.

I am not a good writer or not so good at expressing but had to wish a Entrprenuer who thought of opening a portal just to help people. It started with a small dream and now it has long vision to fulfill ahead.

The person has seen ups and down but has loved the company and the people assosciated with it as a family. He understand their problems, feels their pain and gives them all the solution that can help them release the pain and give happiness.

He is affected even when someone in the company has lost the smile and will always have time to know the reason why the person is not smiling even when he will have a big list of things to do.

He is at times bugged with performances but will never show frustration he will try to give the best available solution.

I am sure i must have done something good to work under the guidance who is a Brand himself, people come to take autographs from him, many want blessings, So today on his birthday i just pray to god that let Management Paradise reach the position where he wants to reach.

Many Many Happy Returns of the Day Kartik Sir.. Hope you have a great day and be the force behind making us successful...Together we can make our dreams successful..


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“Cakes and gifts don't matter much
These common things aren't really you
Wish you live for hundred years and even more
Because we cannot even imagine
What life would be like without you and MP!
Wish you a long life!”

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Happy B'day sir...........
May god bless u with loads n loads of happiness.... n wish u a long n happy life....

:) :) :)


Kartik Raichura
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Thank you soo much guys for your warm, heartfelt wishes.

I'm touched by your sweet gesture and kind words :) .. it assures me that my 26 years in this world have been fruitful in changing and leading lives, creating a positive impact.

Thanks for being a part of my journey and making it so special.

Cheers !
Happy Birthday Kartik Sir, I have written some lines for you, hope you will like it.

Badhta Sooraj hai tu kiske haat na aayega
Sabko roshni dekar kahi door nikal jaayega
lakin tera intezaar sabko rehata hai
kyuki jab bhi aayega khushiya hi laayega.:SugarwareZ-239::SugarwareZ-142::SugarwareZ-239::SugarwareZ-142: